abril 29, 2020

Tenant Justice in the News

Tenant Justice in the News

The Covid-19 pandemic has led long simmering housing problems to boil over. Chicago news outlets have recently covered housing justice issues here:

May rent is almost due, and Pritzker ‘holds all the cards’ for relief, advocates say
Illinois politicians seek coronavirus rent relief, but tenants are anxious as May 1 draws near and the state’s rent control ban remains intact.
Hyde Park tenants threaten rent strike as many struggle to pay due to impact of COVID-19

For a wider perspective on these events, check out these articles:

Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century Amid Coronavirus Crisis
The rent strike is aimed at pressuring politicians to respond in the only way appropriate to the exacerbated housing crisis: by canceling rent.
The Great May Day Rent Strike
New York City Tenants Want the State to Cancel Their Rent. So They’re Going on Strike.
“People don’t have the money to pay the rent, and what we’re asking them to do is politicize that experience,” said Tara Raghuveer.